Guttural is an experimental, contemporary literary magazine that welcomes work in all shapes and sizes. The riskier the better. It was founded, initially in print, in 2017 and is edited by Nathan Hassall and Gemma Jackson. 


Submissions are currently closed. 

Guidelines are as follows:

- Please send us your submissions with the subject as the category you are submitting to followed by “SUBMISSION.” For example, “POETRY SUBMISSION” or “ESSAY SUBMISSION”. Submissions should use standard formats such as Word doc, pdf, jpeg.

- A maximum of one submission per category. Submissions to multiple categories are permitted.
- Word limits for each category are as follows:

Essays/articles/creative nonfiction: 1000-2000 words
Reviews: 500-1500 words
Short stories: 1000-2000 words
Poetry: three poems max. 
Artwork: three pieces of art max.

Photography: three pieces max. which can also be accompanied by a short written piece

- Work must not be previously published. 

- Please proof read your work and make sure that the layout and formatting is as you wish before submitting.

- If you don't feel that your work falls into any of the categories listed: email us! These guidelines are exactly that and we are open to all forms of work.


Send all work to Nathan Hassall and Gemma Jackson at: 



Guttural is an independent, online magazine dedicated to providing a free platform for new, experimental work. We run Guttural out of our love for it and make no profit from the magazine, with all money from our first and only print run going towards our web domain.  

Help keep our platform free and support Guttural as we continue to grow! All donations will go towards maintaining our online platform and future Guttural projects. 



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